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🌏 This is the DNX Podcast hosted by Silvia Christmann 🌏
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🌊 DNX enables you to work from anywhere and regain the freedom to decide on your jobs, your time, and your life.

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Dec 11, 2018

Leah Hunter is a TV show producer and author of two books (with a third on the way). She is also a journalist who writes for Fast Company, O’Reilly Media, and Forbes, among many others. Her work is focused on "How To See The Future" and she draws inspiration from the worlds of technology and metaphysics ....and of...

Dec 4, 2018

Kat Cole is the President and COO of a billion-dollar global franchise company with stores in over 61 countries. She is a humanitarian and investor who leads her life and business with authenticity. In this podcast, she shared with us her invaluable insights into leading with courage and humility to build trust within...

Nov 27, 2018

Tiffany Julie is a freedom-seeking digital nomad who loves traveling the world, connecting to her higher power, and dancing fears away. She loves everything high vibe and is driven by her purpose to leave a positive mark on the world. In this podcast, she shares her story to healing, freedom, and self-discovery when...

Nov 19, 2018


Silvia is our podcast host recording live from NYC. She is sharing her insights on life as a single woman, and creating a life that she loves.


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Nov 13, 2018

Ajit Nawalkha is a serial entrepreneur, global educator, and consultant. He is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, Evercoach, and Global GRIT Institute, and author of The Book of Coaching and Live Big. Over the past decade, he has helped build training and coaching companies to inspire the coming generation,...